Common Cam
Hundreds of disposable cams passing from person to person in search of inspiration

The Common Camera Project is a social art project founded by Kevin Huynh that is distributing hundreds of disposable cameras in a take-a-pic-and-pass-it-on campaign in search of inspiration. Common Cam has introduced 300+ disposable cams that are now in circulation around the world. Learn more about the Common Cam Brand, Cameras, Packaging, Website, and Promo Videos or track the journey of each camera online at

The Story

1. Take a pic of something
    that inspires you
2. Pass the camera on to
    someone you trust
3. If you're last, mail
    the camera back to us

I admit the idea of a take-a-pic-and-pass-it-on campaign with disposable cameras was by no means novel, a fad at wedding receptions and parties for many years. Yet about a year and a half ago I came up with the idea of applying this playful model to a global audience and sprinkling in a little structure. It was a simple, compelling thought that just seemed to stick, and I found myself revisiting it for many months.

Hence in May 2010, I ordered 40 disposable cams on a whim, attached that basic set of instructions, and distributed them among some friends as a test batch. Immediately, I began to hear some amazing stories as cameras found their way to the East Coast, West Coast, California beaches, Rocky Mountains, Vietnam, India, family member mailboxes, and teacher dropboxes.

The idea would develop, and I now lead a small, amazing, generous, lovely team of people that help put together a month-long fundraiser on the creative project fundraising site Kickstarter. In just 24 hours, the Common Camera Project surpassed its 35-day fundraising goal and would eventually raise funds from over 130 individual backers to send 300+ disposable cams into the world.

Cameras were mailed off to almost 30 states as well as internationally to countries including the Netherlands, Italy, Canada, France, Greece, and Vietnam. The Common Cam website currently enables people to share their stories and track their cams around the world.

Learn more about the Common Cam:
  Promo Videos

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Photography contributed by Jennifer Cabugao and Rachel Lo.