Common Cam
The Brand

The motto: We like disposable cameras. We think they can create something special.

Disposable cameras are different. Spending time with disposables not just lets you get a feel for what makes them different but more importantly, it sheds light on how those differences can be utilized to produce a compelling experience.

Especially when compared to their high-tech counterparts, disposable cams are simple, durable, and innocuous. You're not afraid to throw one around, and you cannot peek at a preview after taking your picture. It takes three winds and one unrewarding click to snap a pic. It is a process that sets you free from continually correcting to get the perfect picture but also leaves you paranoid, wondering if your photograph will turn out.

It is one thing to take a picture with your phone and upload it for the world to see. It is something else for a physical object to collect similar photos while changing hands 27 times and venturing across the world and back. Just by its travels, a returned camera would become an artifact regardless of the images it contains. The phrase "Common Camera" expresses how our cams are collectively owned. A Common Cam is passed around, handed off, lost, found, and always in transit.

The camera may get to see some amazing sights. Meanwhile, the knowledge it gains is carefully hidden. In many ways the camera knows more than its temporary owners. The Common Camera Project is about people, connections, trust, privacy, expression, similarities, and differences. It is voyeuristic yet social. It is about being entrusted with a snapshot of another person's perspective.

We know it all sounds epic and grandiose, but this thinking permeates many facets of the project. We are handcrafted, low-tech, together, welcoming, playful, and human… and we like it that way.

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